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Omnibiots' Journal
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Friday, November 26th, 2004
9:28 am
substitutive meanings
x-posted to astrotheism, rokkitz, ecstaticvisions, omnibiosis:

after hours in an interminable training session that recalled that semester in process control class, i realize again that i am no longer just an engineer. (this sort of this might seem obvious at this point, but yet...) one of my selves was snoozing during a lesson delivered by the city-engineer on his new process control systems. half-sleeping throughout the all-day workshop, my relaxed filters let strange things through... subtext coming through loud and clear. another of my selves was at a lecture by Dr. Frankenstein, getting lost in the intricacies of his monstrous child. "gaze upon my creation!" maybe he said. i might have understood him better if his hand-outs had been ready. and i wasn't taking any notes. it was like snoozing at the symphony.Collapse )

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Sunday, November 7th, 2004
3:21 pm
so much depends on the Whether (?)
i thought the Time Machine was broken, but it's definitely up to something. sparks flying from it. memory awakens. these things never perform as advertised. i sent a letter to the void: "excuse me, my Time Machine is going haywire. please advise."

i suspect that the Norns are up to something strange, perhaps maybe a slumber party with the Fates (aka THE KINDLY ONES). what do these chicks during that cosmic slumber party in the sky? pillowfights with sandman's dust? pulling a nightie's thread into fate? i wish they had a webcam...

"history is a nightmare from which i..." i... i am awakening... i sacked Troy and torched its homes, i watched the blocks of stone tumble to the streets in the destruction of the Temple at Jerusalem, Romans jeering and looting. i was there when the Mongol Hordes swept across the steppes and into our homes; i was a crusader for the papacy in the Holy Land. i've sailed the seven seas as pirate, as privateer, as swashbuckling rogue. i've been all these things and more and will be them again; i cannot deny my Blood. my cells remember the Conquest, and the taste of ashes and blood-wine from a skol cup. i am not innocent. i feel no guilt.

as far as words go, where did "the future" come from? is it from the Future, travelling backwards in time like poor Merlin??

linguists break language into phonemes, and like genes they combine and mutate in strange ways. words like sexless gametes, SPERMATOZOA and OVA birthing bizarre linguistic children to fill our day-to-day wordage with anachronisms buried deep. mythological figures sudorifically suffuse speech - Achilles' heel, the Trojan Horse, the Odyssey of Odysseus. nothing horrific or monolithic here until Penn pointed out yesterday that slowly yet surely, brand images are creeping into vernacular in even the backwaters of the world. the "new" corporate mythologies. like "kleenex" or "colgate" in a little shop Penn knows in the Phillipines, or that kid we saw wearing a Spongebob Squarepants t-shirt in the hinterlands of rural Mexico. Brand becomes Item, even when we all know the menu is not the meal and the map is not the land. viral corporate sigils invading common space, monstrous memeplex just beginning to flex its wings. what will become of English in a few hundred years?

trace it back, all the way back, and you'll find me laughing at the top of the TOWER OF BABEL.

idle dreams about Mexico. if the Time Machine won't let me back to Babylon see Nebuchadnezzar's Hanging Gardens i at least want to visit the Yucatan's cenotes, places like Xelha and eXcharet. the Keith Haring New Wave Aztec exhibit tickles some switches: i remember being the the Templo Mayor in Mexico City, staring up at a spooky statue of a skeletal man with an extruded shape bursting from its chest... imagining the conquistadors looking upon these horrific anthropods... gazing at a HR Geiger piece somewhere the other day, i felt a shock of recognition, that i had seen this visionary horror before in Aztec statuary... Alien reinterpretations of the Aztec. separated by a half-aeon, the visionary experience does not see the same boundaries of time that we do.

just your basic lord of death, Mictlantecuhtli

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Monday, October 11th, 2004
11:36 am
Pranayama and Psycho-chemico-physiology
x-posted to yoga, omnibiosis, astrotheism, rokkitz
Aldous Huxley on Yogic Breathing Exercises (emphasis mine):

"Practised systematically, these exercises result, after a time, in prolonged suspensions of breath. Long suspensions of breath lead to a high concentration of carbon dioxide in the lungs and blood, and this increase in the concentration of CO2 lowers the efficiency of the brain as a reducing valve and permits the entry into consciousness of experiences, visionary or mystical, from 'out there'...

Unless the are highly trained, singers tend to breathe out more than they breathe in. Consequently the concentration of carbon dioxide in the alveolar air and the blood is increased and, the efficiency of the cerebral reducing valve being lowered, visionary experience becomes possible. Hence the interminable 'vain repetitions' of magic and religion. The chanting of the curandero, the medicine-man, the shaman; the endless pslam-singing and sutra-intoning of Christian and Buddhist monks; the shouting and howling, hour after hour, of revivalists - under all the diversities of theological belief and aesthetic convention, the psycho-chemico-physiological intention remains constant. To increase the concentration of CO2 in the lungs and blood and so to lower the efficiency of the cerebral reducing valve, until it will admit biologically useless material from Mind-at-Large - this, though the shouters, singers and mutterers did not know it, has been at all times the real purpose and point of magic spells, of mantrams, litanies, psalms and sutras. 'The heart,' said Pascal, 'has its reasons.' Still more cogent and much harder to unravel are the reasons of the lungs, the blood and the enzymes, of neurones and synapses. The way to the superconscious is through the subconscious, and the way, or at least one of the ways, to the subconscious is through the chemistry of individual cells."

(Appendix I of Heaven and Hell, 1956)

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Wednesday, January 14th, 2004
12:34 pm
Where I've Been
Hello friends.

It's been a while since i sent out the signals, since i've been connected to the information-energy network of babylon. I set out into the wild places, where spirits roam and sing on moonless nights - where animals still walk bold and there is no seperation - no inside/outside paradigmn - you're outside. You live outside. If it's cold outside - you're cold. No tent, no box, no bubble - just endless expanding sacred space.

I went there, knowing what i knew, that a spirit existed beyond me - it was me, and it was more. I been there back when i was cooking ayahuasca all night and drinking that sacred coctail - just a kid searching for that missing link - and i knew it then that i was god, i went there and saw what i knew my me to be dissolve, fade away. The body disintigrates into the air, the air enters the body - becoming flesh - we are a pattern through which all arround us passes through. Energy locked in motion circuits, breaking apart and pulling together - dancing on the edge of the sword.

So I set out, and slowly went deeper, and became more allone - and less seperated. The world falls away, like a fading hologram behind which lies...

have you seen that yet? You know this world and all the lies in it is a guide so you can follow your brother - who's your brother? GOD - whatever that is, whatever word you use, that's you you're following - and the world is this guide between you and yourself. Well the guide fades away every now and then, and there is just this pulsing rythym of magnificence, and we all come close to it at times, do you realize what that thing is? It is beyond.

So there i am staring into a fire, and i can become that fire, i am that fire, i am looking inside not outside. Look in there and try to figure out what you are. I dare you.

Theres the ethereal feild, where all thought and emotion are contained. It's part of the world right? All the thoughts and feelings that we experience are there. There you are floating through it. Reading these words, making them into thoughts. Well you can guide yourself through this right? You can follow the thoughts, move through them right? You choose, free will, etc... So obviously - you are not just your thoughts, you can't just be ethereal, or else how can you see it? How can you guide and govern your head? It doesn't come from the physical - you aren't even in the physical - just patterns of changing energy right? How do you plot the course of your thoughts - who is behind all that thinking?

You gotta guide the little guy straight off the map, you gotta go to the edge of the ethereal - to the yin and yang, there at the end of it is all the paradox and opposites - and that feeling you get when you read some paradox wisdom and you understand some undefineable truth that fades away to your dismay - that's the edge. You gotta take those opposites and see through the seperation - hot and cold are becoming each other, without one neither exist, it's all energy - whatever it takes. Join the yin to the yang -

There's nothing but all. That pulse, you can go there. There is god. Pulsing to that rythym. Thats you. You watch your little self do all these tasks and run arround - but your awareness is not attached to that. Your awareness is the rythym, and is joined there. That becomes you. You become spirit. Spirit is everywhere. So are you.

You cant rip the skin off a snake, but it's your choice to go there.

That's what i saw in the fire.

i spoke to a prophet of the great spirit. The time of seperations is over, the spirit spoke through him. Grey is being purged, only purity will remain on mother earth. You gotta heal, make ammends, and learn to live as one.

One spirit for the universe, god looking at god - the guide the mother - she's just a mirror.

much love.


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Thursday, November 27th, 2003
12:05 am
mmm live in the moment

see, i wonder, because i advocate it and try to live it

but ... music

music is... perception over time, does it exist without memory? can we enjoy music if we are fully emersed in the realness that is now? or can only a sentient, sophisticated consciousness that remembers the previous notes and predicts the next beats interpret and enjoy music? instantaneous gratification of desire and prediction with sound.... withholding what the listener wants to hear, hinting, joking, feining, teasing... half patterns, keeping their attention
games... patterns of desire and gratification
memory, subconcious sentience
transcend the now? ... . . .. . . ... . . .. .. .....
is it possible...
experimentation... the answers to life found in the countercurrent beat of a solo

but it is such a feeling thing... a NOW thing to me, i do what *is* when i drum

--[transcend the now??]--


--[is it possible?]--

light blinding darkness blinding
sight only inhibits close your eyes and see

i can't exist like this
too much
too much NOW

life is... music? patterns
—|— subconcious sentience
—|— concious creation

the music of being
tap in to the universal mindstream

even MORE than being in the now... transcend it, feel the before and the now and the after as one
eternity is zero
the smallest point is infinity
across the span of time

being in the now, existing in the now... it /is/ transcendance
look at the world and do not see the lines between things, feel the connection between them (rokkitz is a god)
do not look forward
do not look backward
BRING them all within your grasp
>>"the moment there is effort, the world is beyond holding"
>>when you are selfless, what is there to fear?"

YOU is not
I is not
WE is even not

>>what is not the tao will not last"
>>"where there is music, the people will linger"


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Tuesday, November 4th, 2003
6:29 am
Growing up..
Read more...Collapse )

What do I think?Collapse )

Intimacy is when we’re in the same place at the same time
Dealing honestly with how we feel, and who we really are

That’s what grown-ups do
That is mature thinking

I just have to know how to be in the process
Of creating things in a better way
And it hurts but it’s a lie that I can’t handle it
I still have a world of me-ness to fulfill
I still have a life, and it’s a rich one even with mourning
Even with grief and sadness

I still care about this planet
I am still connected to nature and to my dreams for myself

I have my friends, my family.
I have myself
I still have me.

-Cocteau Twins, Elizabeth Fraser - Half-Gifts

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Friday, October 31st, 2003
7:38 am

Read more...Collapse )

What do you think?.. I find it plausible that our civilization is on the brink of taking the first big step out of the little "wading pool" here into the big ocean out there.. but.. I would ask, finally.. is that what we want to do, given that happiness and contentment are possible here on Earth?.. perhaps if Earth is threatened by some external force, we might need to leave.. but.. if we can live happily here.. maybe that's.. I don't know.. more fulfilling? What's better, spending your life working on technology to get us out of here, for the prize of immortality in the memory of those who come after you - who then have the same choice to make, on and on, ad nauseum, until we've colonized every possible space, universe, what-have-you, throughout spacetime.. and for what?.. - or to be happy, here and now?.. because that seems to be the Question..

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Friday, October 24th, 2003
4:08 pm
Some musing on the nature of existence and a possible explanation thereof.. read if you so wish..Collapse )

...and if you listen very hard
the truth will come to you at last
when all are one and one is all
to be a rock and not to roll.

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Wednesday, October 15th, 2003
2:41 am
Is Destruction the inevitable consequence of Civilization?
Reposted this from my journal.. just thought.. it might be of interest to the sentients on here.. and since I haven't posted for a long time..

Musings on the nature of Gamma-Ray Bursts and the future..Collapse )

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Wednesday, September 10th, 2003
11:40 am
infinite possibilities
Not even the universe, with its countless billions of galaxies, represents greater wonder of complexity than the human brain. The human brain is a mirror to infinity. There is no limit to its range, scope, or capacity for creative growth. It makes possible new perceptions and new perspectives, just as it clears the way for brigther prospects in human affairs.

- Norman Cousins, Head First: The Biology of Hope

Current Mood: billions of galaxies?

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Thursday, August 14th, 2003
11:43 pm

close my eyes and enter reality
...Nowhere is my home
...Nothing is my god
...Never is my eternity
a journey through the void of Existence
join me

existence is based on time and space
cler you mind
and through nonexistence
you will be free

to define the self is to limit it
to forget the self is to expand it

::convince yourself of your illusions::

-logic is a sickness of the mind-

find the peace within the Self

-morals are a sickness of society-


join me

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Saturday, August 9th, 2003
12:08 am
Humans are modeled on the earth.
. . . The earth is modeled on heaven.
Heaven is modeled on the Tao.
. . . The Tao is modeled on nature.

(~Lao Tzu, pasage 25)

so why should you waste your time on humans, figuring out humans, when they are merely imperfect models of models of nature...?

choose, rather, to look directly to nature and the universe, behold truth and perfection from the smallest quark to strongest black hole, from the cohesion of cells in the body to the beauty of ecosystems

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Thursday, July 24th, 2003
10:16 am
Found this while random-surfing the other day..


Hype or hope? Mistaken conclusions based on a faulty Hotbits random-number generator (radioactive samples tend to lose their potency, and therefore their probability of emitting radiation, over time), or real, large-scale evidence for psychic phenomena?.. Fourmilab has some perhaps questionable research fields.. but it's backed by the founder of Autodesk, and the experiment is apparently overseen by some real PhDs.. try it for yourself, and see if it works, perhaps. If interested, I can post an analysis of possible sources of normal physics phenomena that could explain their odd results (which appear to vary, on average, in an almost sine-wave pattern)..

If anyone wishes to see the results I've obtained, it's as simple as clicking this URL:


Information may 'want to be free' - but it needs to BE freed.

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Thursday, July 10th, 2003
8:00 pm
incantations, evocations and arcane mutterings
take the face
in hands spread open
and one to one
let the power run

feed the mouth
that's hungry... open
feed the mind
that wonders why

- i mother earth, lost my america

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Monday, July 7th, 2003
9:54 pm
float drift form create
To induce a voluntary journey out of the body... you need four basic elements:
1) relaxation in a protected space where you will not be disturbed.
2) conditions for liftoff: special breathing, visualization, sexual arousal, and other stimuli intended to change the flow within your energy field and loosen the connection between the physical body and the dreambody.
3) ability to overcome the barrier of fear
4)clarity of purpose : required to sustain the journey, to resist a swarm of diversions and possible sources of confusion along the way

- from Conscious Dreaming by Robert Moss

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Sunday, July 6th, 2003
1:37 am
Guboo Ted Thomas, Australian Aboriginal Tribal Elder

I was in dreamtime.
I seen this great wave going.
I tell people about this wave.
It wasn't a tidal wave.
This was a spiritual wave.
So, to me, I believe that the Dreamtime is going to be that.

I believe the revival is going to start in Australia when we're Dreaming.
It's the hummingbee that I'm talking about.
And love.
We've got to learn to love one another.

You see, that's really what's going to happen to the earth.
We're going to have tidal waves.
We're going to have earthquakes.

That's coming because we don't consider this land as our Mother.
We've taken away the balance, and we're not putting it back.

I look at the bush, and those trees are alive.
They're not dead, they're alive.
And they want you to cuddle them.

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Tuesday, July 1st, 2003
11:49 am
I'd like to introduce myself to the community. (I'm intro'ing myself on many, so please excuse the redundancy if you're on any of the other groups I am.) I'm a 29-year-old Scorpio in Southern California, real into art, guitar, music, the O.T.O., poetry, Thelema and Qabalah. I'm especially interested in the Abramelin Operation, and would love to hear from anyone that's completed it, or otherwise attained K. & C. of the H.G.A. And to anyone with a Palm handheld that's studying Qabalah, I can offer some Palm software I developed to help you out. Take care!

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Monday, June 9th, 2003
8:36 pm
morphogenic resonances
Using the ancient art of sound technology, in certain states of consciousness you're able to create a kind of visual resonance and manipulate a "topological manifold" using sound vibrations. Language will still be made of sound but will shift from a language that is heard to a language that is seen through a shift in interior processing. Sound is the carrier of visual impression.

Rupert Sheldrake's theory of the morphogenetic field: a nonmaterial, organizing, collective-memory field which affects all biological systems. "This field can be envisioned as a hyperspatial information reservoir, which brims and spills over into a much larger region of influence when critical mass is reached - a point referred to as morphic resonance." Drugs that come from the natural world and that have been use tested by shamanic cultures for thousands of years have very deep morphgenetic fields.

A combination theory called Psychedelic Compressionism "holds that the world is growing more and more complex, compressed, knitted together and therefore holographically complete at every point."

- excerpts from THE BEST OF HIGH TIMES #17

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Sunday, June 8th, 2003
8:29 pm
mister buckminster
cross-posted to: civilenergetics, omnibiosis, scientificwhims, rokkitz:

months ago, i wrote the word EPHEMERALIZATION on my blackboard, like some weird daily affirmation... a thing that is "ephemeral" is transitory... and "ization" implies a process. coined by Buckminster Fuller, the Archetypal Architect, it's a convenient label for an Axiom as old as the universe itself: MORE WITH LESS

great idea. look at the Geodesic Dome; the ephemeralization of structure through design and the use of increasingly lightweight materials. it's unfolding around us, and we're well on our way to the DEMATERIALIZATION of material society by improving industrial design processes to minimize inputs.

a pattern of self-bracing triangles

is there a limit? if there is, i don't see it. i suppose it boils down to a matter of definition. what does an "architect" do? what is "material" made of? what are the developmental and/or evolutionary advantages implicit in ephermalization?

what is it that drives design towards ephemeralization? is ephemeralization and complete dematerialization the ultimate end-point of any evolving system? the cultural applications seem limitless, as our artifacts (both intellectual and material) undergo continuous streamlining without any reduction in functionality. would this mean then that as the apparatus is dismantled, information is embedded at successively higher levels of abstraction? in what are the social/political/psychological implications of this continued trend?

seems like we're skimming the edge of something weird here... i can draw some parallels to the Matrix Reloaded...

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Friday, May 30th, 2003
4:29 pm
"Mages are not just people with super powers. They are people who have been through an incredible experience and come through the other side a different person."

- Mage: The Ascension

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